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Home Automation

DaedTech is currently working on its flagship product, project name Daedalus. Daedalus is an ambitious project designed to serve as a home’s nerve center for controlling lighting, temperature, security, and virtually anything that can be imagined. The idea is to automate common home activities in order to provide more intuitive and natural interactions with one’s home, such as lighting that gradually brightens as the sun sets or a home that turns on its lights and unlocks the door for you when you pull into the driveway.

More details will be made available in the coming months, but DaedTech aims to provide a customizable, ala carte, and affordable home automation product offering. Unlike contractor boutiques, DaedTech aims to provide value to those with budgets in the hundreds of dollars rather than the tens of thousands of dollars. By efficient use of hardware, open source software technologies, and well-crafted software design principles, DaedTech can eliminate a great deal of cost overhead.

In the meantime, DaedTech provides home automation solutions on a customized consulting basis.