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IT Executive and Strategy Consulting

I’ve been part of a lot of software teams. Sometimes as a developer, sometimes as a team lead, sometimes as a consultant, sometimes as a line manager, but always as a student of the craft and studious observer. I’ve learned a lot and I can leverage that learning on your behalf.

Over the last few years, I’ve spent an extensive amount of time working with management and executive teams to help make their organizations more effective.  At times, this has involved embedding with the team and teaching developers more effective techniques.  At times, this has involved process or codebase audits with strategic recommendations.  And, of course, it frequently involves working closely with the managers and executives to lay out road maps for success, help them build org charts, and just provide general advice.

All of this, however, is just an appealing way of describing gap analysis. I come in, size up inefficiencies in your group, and help eliminate them.

I can help you with the following:

  • I can conduct targeted or general code reviews/audits along with a detailed road map for improvement.
  • I can recommend force multipliers related to your application life-cycle management, such as setting up continuous deployment.
  • I can provide one-on-one and team-based learning time with your developers to help improve software practice.
  • I can create codecasts where I walk through a targeted refactoring of your codebase on video, narrating what I’m doing and why.
  • I can identify gaps in your day-to-day process and supply solutions to eliminate them.
  • I can help you with your interview process, either by giving suggestions to improve it or by conducting the process with or for you.

Clients of mine, past and present, include

  • 300px-Ford_Motor_Company_Logo.svg[1]
  • 4DLogo[1]
  • resound-logo
  • pillar-logo
  • flagstar-bank
  • mjis
  • And others that are anonymous under various forms of NDA.