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What Now?

Since you’ve found this page, you’re most likely coming from a read of Developer Hegemony.  You’re looking for what comes next.

Eventually, I’m going to start offering courses and additional materials to help you realize the vision I laid out in that book.  How do you learn to consult and operate as an efficiencer, rather than a subordinate task completer?  How do you get a business practice off the ground?  That kind of thing.

But for now, prior to the launch date of the book, I’m going to iterate on the content here.  Mostly, this is going to be about how you, if interested, can help the book to a successful launch.

Join the Group!

First and foremost, I’m organizing what’s called an “ambassador group.”  To join that, click here to go to the Facebook group and ask to join.    You can also friend me and ask me to invite you.  Either way works for me.

If you want to understand how you can help, here’s how.  My goal is to create a successful enough launch to get it to rank well with Amazon, prompting a high degree of exposure to potential would-be efficiencers worldwide.  (And, of course, it would also be nice to have good sales and further my ability to make more of my living as an author).

Doing that requires a good bit of activity for the book right out of the gate on launch day (actual date to be announced in the coming weeks).  This activity consists of three things that you can potentially help with, only one of which costs anything but a few minutes.

  • Purchase the book on Amazon, if you’re so inclined.
  • Leave a review for the book.
  • Spread the word to others (tweet/share/etc).

If you got the book on Leanpub for free or at a discounted price, it’d be great if you could share or spread the word.  If you waited for completion of the book (or have just learned about it) and already intend to purchase it, purchasing it on launch day would help me a great deal.

But all that aside, even if you do none of these things, I appreciate you visiting the site, reading this and looking around to whatever extent you decide to.  I’m serious.  Everything good that has happened to me through blogging and writing starts with people donating something much simpler to me, which is their time and consideration in reading things I’ve written anywhere.  So thanks for being here at all!