The Secret to Avoiding Paralysis by Analysis

A while ago Scott Hanselman wrote a post about “paralysis by analysis” which I found to be an interesting read.  His blog is a treasure trove of not only technical information but also posts that humanize the developer experience, such as one of my all time favorites.  In this particular post, Continue reading

Visualization Mnemonics for Software Principles

Whether it’s because you want to be able to participate in software engineering discussions without having to surreptitiously look things up on your phone, or whether it’s because you have an interview coming up with a firm that wants you to be some kind of expert in OOP or something, Continue reading

Born to Exclude: Beware of Monoculture

Understanding the Idea of Monoculture One morning last week, I was catching up on backlogged podcasts in my Doggcatcher feed on the way to work and was listening to an episode of Hanselminutes where Scott Hanselman interviewed a front end web developer named Garann Means. The subject of the talk Continue reading

The Dirty Work for Software Architects

Last week, I spent some time in two Egyptian cities: Alexandria and Cairo. I enjoyed this a lot. The Egyptian people were very friendly and good-natured, and there were some truly fascinating sites to see. Beyond just the obvious trip to the Pyramids, I saw Greco-Roman ruins, an incredible library Continue reading