Born to Exclude: Beware of Monoculture

Understanding the Idea of Monoculture One morning last week, I was catching up on backlogged podcasts in my Doggcatcher feed on the way to work and was listening to an episode of Hanselminutes where Scott Hanselman interviewed a front end web developer named Garann Means. The subject of the talk Continue reading

The Dirty Work for Software Architects

Last week, I spent some time in two Egyptian cities: Alexandria and Cairo. I enjoyed this a lot. The Egyptian people were very friendly and good-natured, and there were some truly fascinating sites to see. Beyond just the obvious trip to the Pyramids, I saw Greco-Roman ruins, an incredible library Continue reading

In with the Proto-Geeks, Out with the Loafers

Technology Progressives vs Conservatives Reconsidered When it comes to our relationship with technology, most people think in terms of the classic struggle between inventors that capture the imagination and laborers that don’t want to be imagination-captured right out of a steady paycheck. I think this is a rather obvious way Continue reading

The Council of Elders Anti-Pattern

Convene the High Council Today I’d like to talk about something that I’ve observed on some occasions throughout my career. It sort of builds on the concepts that I’ve touched on in previous writings “How to Keep your Best Programmers” and the Expert Beginner posts, including Bruce Webster’s “Dead Sea Continue reading

Productivity Add-Ins: Bruce Lee vs Batman

In the last few months, I’ve seen a number of tweets and posts decrying or at least cautioning against the use of productivity tools (e.g. CodeRush, ReSharper, and JustCode). The reasoning behind this is is generally some variant of the notion that such tools are more akin to addictive drugs Continue reading

Comments: Here’s my Code and I’m Sorry

Heavily Commented Code: The Awful Empathy Imagine a feeling–that empathy you get when you’re watching someone fail in front of an audience. Perhaps its a comedian relying on awful puns and props or a person in a public speaking course that just freezes after forgetting some lines. Ugh. It’s so Continue reading