ChessTDD 26: At Last, Acceptance Tests

Let’s get the excuses out of the way: busy, more work coming in, vacation, yada-yada.  Sorry for the delay since last time.  This episode is a short one just to get back on track.  I haven’t been writing much code lately in general, and I was already stumbling blindly through SpecFlow Continue reading

Cutting Down on Code Telepathy

Let’s say that you have some public facing method as part of an API:

CustomerOrder is something that you don’t control but that you do have to use. Life is good, but then let’s say that a requirement comes in saying that orders can now be post-dated, so you Continue reading

Chess TDD 23: Yak-Shaving with SpecFlow

I’m writing out this paragraph describing what I’m planning to do before recording myself doing anything. This post has been a while in coming because I’ve waffled between whether I should just hand write acceptance/end-to-end tests (what I generally do) or whether I should force you to watch me fumble Continue reading

ChessTDD 21: False Starts and The Knight Problem

This wasn’t the most productive episode I’ve ever recorded, per se, in terms of functionality, but, hey, it’s always a learning experience to write code.  This was kind of table setting for a big, important piece of functionality: distinguishing captures from blocked moves because of friendly pieces. Here’s what I Continue reading

Chess TDD 19: DoesPieceExistAt and Housekeeping

Another night in the hotel, another episode of ChessTDD.  I’m doing my day to day work mainly in Java-land these days, so this is about the only time I write .NET code anymore.  Anywho, in this episode, I’m just planning to pick some housekeeping cards and move them across, starting Continue reading