Don’t Write Code You Don’t Need

I was reviewing some code the other day, and I saw a quick-and-dirty logger implementation that looked something like this (I’m re-creating from memory and modifying a bit for illustrative purposes in this post):

A few things probably jump out at you, depending on your C#, OOP, and code Continue reading

How to Create Good Abstractions: Oracles and Magic Boxes

Oracles In Math When I was a freshman in college, I took a class called “Great Theoretical Ideas In Computer Science”, taught by Professor Steven Rudich. It was in this class that I began to understand how fundamentally interwoven math and computer science are and to think of programming as Continue reading

The Death of the Obligatory Comment

The Ben Franklin Effect Have you ever started looking for something, let’s say your wallet, and been fairly certain that it wasn’t in your house? You started looking in all of the most likely places and progressed with increasing glumness to less and less likely landing spots. Perhaps you eventually Continue reading