Stories about Software


Gap Analysis

Quite simply, I can tell you whether there are software investments you can make with high ROI and short payback period that would improve your bottom line. I’ve worked in a lot of different problem domains during the course of my career, and I’ve dealt with plenty of different flavors of business software in different environments. The result of this is that I have an excellent working knowledge of what problems can be solved with automation, whether they’re easily solved with certain tools, and whether they’re even worth solving. And leading teams and serving in a technical executive capacity has given me a head for the bottom line. Let me take look at your business’s processes find the gaps in your software usage.

Staffing Assistance

Do you have a team of developers but aren’t really sure if they’re working at their full potential? Are you not sure if your staffing model is appropriate? Do you need to hire developers but not really know how to go about interviewing them or even what to look for? Have you been using consultants all along and are looking to start your own in-house development team? I can definitely help with this. Please don’t leave this to software recruiters unless you have a CTO or dev manager in place that only needs help finding resumes. Recruiters are excellent at finding you people and will even do a good job of recommending what similar companies do in your situation, but consider their source of revenue: you making a hire and sticking with it for six months. My source of revenue, principally, is my reputation as an expert in the field. So if you don’t have someone on staff that you feel is qualified to help bring on software development talent, I will help you make hiring decisions that benefit your company over the long haul.

Proposal Review/Second Opinion

Are you currently looking at three or four proposals or bids from software consultancies? Do you find yourself sitting in meetings with others where you all pretend to understand the nuance of terms like, “time and materials,” “software change request,” and “user acceptance testing?” Do you feel like, whatever you all say, it’s like throwing darts at a dartboard to pick the one you should go with, but then, no matter where the darts land, you’ll pick the second cheapest bid. (You clearly don’t want the cheapest because that’s too cheap, right?)

Navigating software proposals is not easy for anyone, even CTOs. If you don’t have a CTO or someone experienced at managing these types of projects, you’re really just taking a stab in the dark. I will be happy to come in and take a look at the bids you have in hand and provide you my feedback as a neutral observer on which one is best. If you prefer, we can even remove any identifying information from all of the bids.

Let’s Talk

I love software and the business of writing software. If you want to discuss a project that you have in mind, an idea, a startup, a business venture… anything at all… give me a call. Wondering what I charge for such a thing? The answer is nothing. If I ever find myself in a position where I want your money just to discuss ideas, I’ve hit the point where I’m in the wrong line of work. I love software and I’m always happy to talk about it with people. No obligation whatsoever.