DaedTech offers the following consulting services:

Service Description Billing
Software Development DaedTech will supply a resource for your existing development effort, following a pre-set architecture and design spec. Hourly
Software Projects DaedTech will design, implement and maintain an application per your specifications. Flat Rate
Software Architecture DaedTech will gather your requirements and create an architecture and development framework so that a team can implement it. Flat Rate
Process Consulting/Training DaedTech will setup and instruct team members in development processes such as version control schemes, unit testing, etc. Hourly
Instruction DaedTech will provide classroom-style instruction over a period of time that you specify. Hourly
Estimate DaedTech will provide an obligation-free estimate on any software development effort that you have in mind. Complimentary
Second Opinion DaedTech will provide an obligation-free review of any bid or project proposal that you have received for a software development effort to assess its fairness and feasibility. Complimenatry