Stories about Software


Counts Estimator

Designed a tool for forecasting margins when using industrial machinery.

- Architected and oversaw implementation of a tool to help industrial machinery customers project their margins over the lifetime of the machinery, including initial ROI.
- Provided a valuable tool to corporate sales team for helping customers select the best machinery for their needs.
- Successfully followed an iterative and agile release schedule to provide as much up front utility as quickly as possible.

WPF User Controls

Designed a series of reusable user controls for a feature-rich desktop application.

- Designed controls extensible enough for broad reuse by other developers.
- Made use of dependency properties and XAML binding to allow maximum flexibility for client code.
- Overrode control templates or wrapped existing controls in user controls as situation dictated.
- Delivered ahead of schedule, allowing me to provide assistance to clients in how to use.

OBD Reader

Created a utility to allow lay-people to read car OBDII

- Collaborated on a tiered architecture for taking information received from a serial port connection and propagating results up to a visually appealing UI.
- Followed Rational Unified Process development model.
- Implemented a test harness with high coverage in NUnit.
- Delivered well-received project ahead of schedule.