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Expert Beginner Store Kickstarter (And Giveaway!)

Check it out: the Expert Beginner has a kickstarter page!  But before you go, if you’re interested in details and some free swag, read on.

The Expert Beginner is Getting a Store…Maybe

People seem to enjoy the Expert Beginner—well, the satire anyway.  I imagine they don’t enjoy the real life version, walking around and lecturing you about the proper use of their tortured frameworks.  Instead, we’re talking about this guy:

My wife and I (though, mainly her, and thanks to her for all of the hard work on this) have decided to see if people would be interested in adorning themselves or their offices (okay, who are we kidding, cubicles) with themed merchandise.

The goal of the Kickstarter campaign is to fund the creation and seeding of an online store that will sell this merchandise. The things we’re planning to stock the store with so far are sticker, mugs, and—best of all– extremely comfortable shirts.  Seriously, I actually wear mine on weekend flights, which means it’s pretty much the most comfortable thing I own.


If we’re funded, we can supply this merchandise indefinitely! If not, you might be on your own for making Expert Beginner shirts. (We promise not to sue you if we fall short and you want to pick up the torch.)

The campaign will end January 5th, but if you’d like to contribute, please don’t wait until then. Apparently, projects that gain a lot of interest in the beginning are more likely to be promoted and rank higher in searches on Kickstarter. We ask that you visit the page and donate now to jumpstart the campaign. If you’re one of the first to donate, you have the chance at some early bird rewards, including mugs and shirts given for lower donation amounts.

Again, here’s the link to visit the Kickstarter Campaign Now

There’s also a reward for a $150 donation where you can get not only all the merchandise offered but also an hour on the phone with me to talk about whatever you like. I get a lot of reader questions for the blog, and in general, about a variety of subjects.  With those, you’re sort of at the mercy of my natural posting cadence and attention span.  With this donation option, you have my undivided attention for an hour, which is even longer than the time I donate at startup office hours.

If you can’t donate any money, you can still help! Please consider sharing this blog post with your social networks by using the usual buttons at the end of the post.   And you can enter our giveaway by sharing with your network via Rafflecopter.

Rafflecopter Giveaway

To celebrate the opening of the Kickstarter campaign, we’re giving away some of our prototype merchandise!  We have six stickers and five shirts of different sizes to offer. The drawing will be held on Monday, December 12th.

The Rafflecopter form is below.  It’s going to first ask you to leave a comment.  Use this to specify which item you want (and also your with your shirt size, if you want a shirt).  Once you’ve done that, scroll back up to the form and choose your sharing option to be entered.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you!

A big thanks ahead of time to anyone who’s supporting this endeavor, be it through a donation or through spreading the word. This will only be a success with your help, so we quite honestly can’t do it without you.

  • Dmitriy K

    The shirts even look really comfortable. I volunteer to be a beta tester for the shirts in the XL size ;-).

  • FennNaten

    Hum, I see all the rewards are US-only, is there any chance for European shipping coming later? I like the shirt, but unfortunately I don’t have any US trip planned 😉

    • Apologies. I hadn’t recalled that when I made the announcement post last night. I’ll try to see why that’s the case and follow up on the post. Stay tuned.

    • I talked to my wife, and we’re going to see what we can do. The challenge was that shipping certain items (specifically the mugs) to certain countries was prohibitively expensive. So we need to figure out where we can reasonably ship and where we can’t. Look for updates here today on international shipping options.

      • FennNaten

        Thanks for considering it!

      • FennNaten

        And thanks again for doing it 😀

    • Amanda

      @FennNaten:disqus Hi there! It’s Amanda, keeper of the Expert Beginner Kickstarter campaign. Can you send an email to amanda@daedtech.com? I’d like to send you some merch!

  • Marjan

    Love this idea. Will they come in different colors? I’m partial to yellow and orange 😀
    Size: Large

  • Marjan

    Darn, darn, triple darn. “Only ships to the US”. Grrrrrrrrrrr!

    • Marjan

      Thanks for the new options.

  • cwlocke

    I’d like motivational posters but will happily settle for t-shirts. I’m an XXL.

    • Amanda

      @disqus_v6WST479qy:disqus Hi there! Can you send an email to amanda@daedtech.com? We can discuss your prize, winner winner!

    • That’s a great idea! Expert Beginner motivational posters… designs now swimming through my head for one that could go above the build radiator. “You said we had to put this thing here — you never said anything specific about making it green.”

      • cwlocke

        “I read a great blog post about the next generation of that framework we use, so I went ahead and updated our projects to Framework2 v0.1.0.0”

        • David Batten

          LOL, indeed. That’s awesome.

  • David Batten

    So, a Large T will do just fine. I also second the idea of motivational posters. Perhaps a calendar of EB expertise?

    • Amanda

      @disqus_Vyhx2aNRua:disqus Holler! I love the idea of motivational posters/calendars. What kind of awful things they will motivate people to do, God only knows. Anyway, can you send me an email at amanda@daedtech.com? We can discuss your FABULOUS PRIZE 😀

    • We should have floated this idea publicly up front. I love the T-shirts because I love that style of T-shirt, but calendars are a lot easier to make and ship, logistically, I think.

      • cwlocke

        A calendar would be awesome. same idea as a poster but more variety.