Years of Lessons Learned from Home Automation

I’ve had three variations of my home automation setup. The first incarnation was a series of Linux command line utilities and cron jobs. There was some vague intention of a GUI, but that never really materialized. The second was a very enterprise-y J2EE implementation that involved Spring, MongoDB, layered architecture, Continue reading

Lessons in Good Naming through Absurdity

There’s something I’ve found myself stressing a lot lately to people on my team. It’s a thing that probably seems to most like nitpicking, but I think is one of the most, if not the most, under-stressed aspects of programming. I’m talking about picking good names for things. I’ve seen Continue reading

Asking Questions That Change The World (Or At Least Your Group)

I recently asked a semi-rhetorical question on Twitter about health insurance in the USA. Specifically, it seems deeply weird to me that health insurance is tied in with employment. I mean, your employer doesn’t subsidize your homeowner’s, auto, or renter’s insurance, so why health insurance? Someone answered that this was Continue reading

My Initial Postsharp Setup — Logging at Assembly Granularity

PostSharp and Log4Net I tweeted a bit about this, and now I’m going to post about my initial experience with it. This comes from the perspective of someone new at this particular setup but familiar with the concepts in general. So, what are PostSharp and log4net? First up, log4net. This Continue reading