Notes On Job Hopping: You Should Probably Job Hop

Last week, in a post that either broke the Google+ counter mechanism or blew up there in very isolated fashion, I talked about job hopping and meandered my way to my own personal conclusion as to whether it might be construed as unethical. I don’t think it is. Today I’d Continue reading

Notes on Job Hopping: Millennials and Their Ethics

For those that have been reading my more recent posts, which have typically been about broad-level software design or architecture concerns, I should probably issue a rant alert. This is somewhat of a meandering odyssey through the subject of the current prevalence of job hopping, particularly among the so-called millenial Continue reading

Moving Away from State: State–

In 1968, Edsger Dijkstra issued a letter entitled “Go To Statement Considered Harmful,” and the age of structured programming was born. The letter was a call to stop programmers of the time from creating ad-hoc control flow structures using goto statements and to instead use these higher level constructs for Continue reading