What Drives Waterfall Projects?

To start off the week, I have a satirical post about projects developed using the waterfall ‘methodology.’ (To understand the quotes, please see my post on why I don’t think waterfall is actually a methodology at all). I figured that since groups that use agile approaches and industry best practices Continue reading

Exception Handling Basics

The other day, I was reviewing some code, and I saw a series of methods conforming to the following (anti) ‘pattern’ public class CustomerProcessor { public void ProcessCustomer(Customer customer) { try { if (customer.IsActive) ProcessActiveCustomer(customer); } catch (Exception ex) { throw ex; } } private void ProcessActiveCustomer(Customer customer) { try Continue reading

Up or Not: Ambition of the Expert Beginner

In the last post, I talked about the language employed by Expert Beginners to retain their status at the top of a software development group. That post was a dive into the language mechanics of how Expert Beginners justify decisions that essentially stem from ignorance–and often laziness, to boot. They Continue reading

How Stagnation is Justified: Language of the Expert Beginner

So far in the “Expert Beginner” series of posts, I’ve chronicled how Expert Beginners emerge and how they wind up infecting an entire software development group. Today I’d like to turn my attention to the rhetoric of this archetype in a software group already suffering from Expert Beginner-induced rot. In Continue reading