Optimizing Proto-Geeks for Business

In a recent post, I talked about the importance of having Proto-Geeks in your software group rather than Loafers and the toxic impact of too many Loafers in the group. If you’ll recall, Proto-Geeks are automaters (in other words, developers) that are enthusiastic about new technologies, and Loafers are ones Continue reading

In with the Proto-Geeks, Out with the Loafers

Technology Progressives vs Conservatives Reconsidered When it comes to our relationship with technology, most people think in terms of the classic struggle between inventors that capture the imagination and laborers that don’t want to be imagination-captured right out of a steady paycheck. I think this is a rather obvious way Continue reading


Quick Information/Overview Pattern Type Structural Applicable Language/Framework Agnostic OOP Pattern Source Gang of Four Difficulty Easy Up Front Definitions Client: Code that uses the flyweight implementation Concrete Flyweight: A class that actually implements the abstract class/interface flyweight. Extrinsic State: State that is not common to the flyweights and varies per instance. Continue reading

Introduction to Web API: Yes, It’s That Easy

REST Web Services Are Fundamental In my career, I’ve sort of drifted like a wraith among various technology stacks and platforms, working on web sites, desktop apps, drivers, or even OS/kernel level stuff. Anything that you might work on has its enthusiasts, its peculiar culture, and its best practices and Continue reading