The Way We Write Code is Stupid: Source Code Files Considered Harmful

Order Doesn’t Matter Please pardon the loaded phrasing in the title, but that’s how the message came to me from my subconscious brain: bluntly and without ceremony. I was doing a bit of work in Apex, the object-oriented language specific to, and it occurred to me that I had Continue reading

API Lost Opportunity: A Case Study

I’m aware that recently there’s been some brouhaha over criticism/trashing of open-source code and the Software Craftsmanship movement, and I’d like to continue my longstanding tradition of learning what I can from things without involving myself in any drama. Toward that end, I’d like to critique without criticizing, or, to Continue reading

Switch Statements are Like Ants

Switch statements are often (and rightfully, in my opinion) considered to be a code smell. A code smell, if you’ll recall, is a superficial characteristic of code that is often indicative of deeper problems. It’s similar in concept to the term “red flag” for interpersonal relationships. A code smell is Continue reading

The Council of Elders Anti-Pattern

Convene the High Council Today I’d like to talk about something that I’ve observed on some occasions throughout my career. It sort of builds on the concepts that I’ve touched on in previous writings “How to Keep your Best Programmers” and the Expert Beginner posts, including Bruce Webster’s “Dead Sea Continue reading

Wherefore Thou Shalt Fail at Software Requirements

On Being Deliberately Unclear For whatever reason lately, I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from Programmers’ Stack Exchange, and today brings another such post. However, unlike other questions, reading this one seriously made me sad. The questions, the answers, its existence… all of it made me sad in the Continue reading