Comments: Here’s my Code and I’m Sorry

Heavily Commented Code: The Awful Empathy Imagine a feeling–that empathy you get when you’re watching someone fail in front of an audience. Perhaps its a comedian relying on awful puns and props or a person in a public speaking course that just freezes after forgetting some lines. Ugh. It’s so Continue reading

The Code Warriors

Many moons ago, I stumbled across a website containing an index of “Flame Warriors.” The Flame Warriors were caricatures of personality archetypes that might be found in your typical early-to-mid 2000s discussion forum. Inspired by that and by different people with different characteristics that I’ve met in various capacities over Continue reading

Complain-Bragging Your Way to the Top

First, I’d like to make a brief aside to re-introduce Amanda Muledy (@eekitsabug) who, in addition to editing and writing, is also an artist.  Lest you think that I have a single iota of drawing talent, any sketches that you see as post illustrations are her work, done specifically for the Daedtech Continue reading