Factory Method

Quick Information/Overview Pattern Type Creational Applicable Language/Framework Agnostic OOP Pattern Source Gang of Four Difficulty Moderate — slightly easier than Abstract Factory Up Front Definitions Creator: This is the basic, abstract factory interface. Concrete Creator: Inheritor factory classes that implement some actual object creation scheme. Product: This is the base/abstract polymorphic Continue reading

Practical Math for Programmers: DeMorgan’s and Other Logical Equivalences

The “Why This Should Matter to You” Story TL;DR: You read my post about conditional bloopers and thought, “what’s wrong with that?!?” Let’s say that you recall the lesson from last time and you make sure that you also avoid statements like “if(A && (A || B))”. You draw out Continue reading

The Developer Incentive Snakepit

Getting Incentives Wrong A while ago I was talking to a friend of mine, and he told me that developers in his shop get monetary bonuses for absorbing additional scope in a “waterfall” project. (I use quotes because I don’t think that “waterfall” is actually a thing — I think Continue reading

TDD For Breaking Problems Apart 3: Finishing Up

Last time, we left off with a bowling score calculator that handled basic score calculation with the exception of double strikes and the tenth frame. Here is the code as of right now for both classes: [TestClass] public class BowlingTest { [TestClass] public class Constructor { [TestMethod, Owner("ebd"), TestCategory("Proven"), TestCategory("Unit")] Continue reading