You Aren’t God, So Don’t Talk Like Him

Queuing Up Some Rage Imagine that you’re talking to an acquaintance, and you mention that blue is your favorite color. The response comes back: Acquaintance: You’re completely wrong. Red is the best color. How does the rest of this conversation go? If you’re sane… Acquaintance: That’s wrong. Red is the Continue reading

How to Create Good Abstractions: Oracles and Magic Boxes

Oracles In Math When I was a freshman in college, I took a class called “Great Theoretical Ideas In Computer Science”, taught by Professor Steven Rudich. It was in this class that I began to understand how fundamentally interwoven math and computer science are and to think of programming as Continue reading

Old Programmer’s Guide to Practical Maths

I’m writing this post to introduce another series of posts I intend to embark upon, to coexist alongside my “abstractions,” “design patterns,” and “home automation” posts. I’m going to post these under the category “Practical Math” and think of the series as being called “Practical Math for Programmers,” the title Continue reading

The Myth of Quick Copy-And-Paste Programming

Quick and Dirty? “We’re really busy right now–just copy that customer form and do a few find and replaces. I know it’s not a great approach, but we don’t have time to build the new form from scratch.” Ever heard that one? Ever said it? Once, twice, dozens, or hundreds Continue reading