How Developers Stop Learning: Rise of the Expert Beginner

Beyond the Dead Sea: When Good Software Groups Go Bad I recently posted what turned out to be a pretty popular post called “How to Keep Your Best Programmers,” in which I described what most skilled programmers tend to want in a job and why they leave if they don’t Continue reading

You Can Tell a Lot About Developers From Their Scratchpads

What is a Scratchpad? When you have a question like “what exception is thrown when I try to convert a long that is too big to an integer” or “what is the difference in performance between iterating over a list or a dictionary converted to a list” what do you Continue reading

Splitting Strings With Substrings

The String.Split() method in C# is probably something with which any C# developer is familiar. string x = “Erik.Dietrich”; var tokens = x.Split(‘.’); Here, “tokens” will be an array of strings containing “Erik” and “Dietrich”. It’s not exactly Earth Shattering to tokenize a string in this fashion and some incarnation Continue reading