Methods Are Little Stories – Abstractions Are Important 6

If Then, If Then, If Then Yesterday’s post where I included Grady Booch’s comment that clean code “reads like well written prose” made me think of something I’ve been contemplating. The other day I was looking at some code and I saw the following (obfuscated): public void GrabUmbrellaIfNecessary() { if Continue reading

Developer Process Gerrymandering

Gaming the System As projects get a little behind schedule or perhaps a little contentious in terms of scope, I’d say it’s common for people to start taking steps to indemnify themselves against blame. I’d also say that this is fairly natural. There’s nothing more likely to attract wagging management Continue reading

TDD Prevents Copy and Paste Programming

Copy, Paste, Fail, Repeat Today, I was reviewing some code, and I saw a “before” that looked like this: private void RefreshClassifierValues(Array NewValues) { List<Classifier> ClassifiersList = Classifiers; int i = 0; foreach (Classifier classifier in ClassifiersList) { classifier.Value = NewValues.GetValue(i++); } } The first thing that stuck out to Continue reading