Preserve Developer Mindshare – Don’t Nitpick

Mindshare I’m not particularly interested in marketing principles in the commercial sense of the word (though I find the psychology of argumentation and persuasion to be fascinating), so please excuse any failed parallelism in advance. Today, I want to talk about the concept of mind share, but to apply it Continue reading

Abstractions are Important Part 2 – Good Abstractions

Last time, I talked about the importance of abstractions in relation to a piece of service code that I had seen. This time, I’d like to expand on that concept a bit. I showed some examples of good versus bad abstractions and talked about why they were good or bad, Continue reading

Abstractions are Important

I was helping someone troubleshoot an issue today, digging through code, and I came across a double-take-inducing design decision. In the GUI, there was a concept of feature, and each feature was being bound to something called FeatureGroup which was a collection of features that, at run-time, only ever contained Continue reading