Behind the Scenes Feed Magic

Very quickly, I just installed a plugin to consolidate subscription through my feedburner account. Basically, my feedburner account will become aware of all subscribers now, including those who simply access or those who use the subscription buttons on the left. As I understand it, this should have no effect Continue reading


Quick Information/Overview Pattern Type Structural Applicable Language/Framework Agnostic OOP Pattern Source Gang of Four Difficulty Easy Up Front Definitions Decorator: An object that is both an inherits from and operates on another object. Component: Abstract target base class (or interface) of the decorator pattern. Target: For the purposes of this post, Continue reading

JUnit for C# Developers 7 – Law of Demeter and Temporal Mocking

Last time in this series, I posted about a good reminder of a couple of principles of good object oriented design (respecting the Law of Demeter and avoiding static method invocations as much as possible). Today, I’m going to double back on this consciously a bit to explore some more Continue reading