Quick Information/Overview Pattern Type Creational Applicable Language/Framework Agnostic OOP Pattern Source Gang of Four Difficulty Relatively easy. Up Front Definitions Here are terms that I’ll be using in this explanation and what they mean: Composite: This is another design pattern, but I’m using it here to mean an object that Continue reading

In Search of the Perfect Code Review

Code Reviews One thing that I tend to contemplate from time to time and have yet to post about is the idea of code reviews and what constitutes a good one. I’ve worked on projects where there was no code review process, a half-hearted review process, an annoying or counter-productive Continue reading

Adventures in Pure Test-Driven Development

In a previous post some time back, I had expressed some skepticism about TDD as a design practice. I talked about test-driven development and its relationship with prototyping and the “make one to throw away” concept. Since I’m not one ever to believe that I’ve arrived at the optimal solution, Continue reading